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You are an Eleminer, one of a select, fearless, and questionably-motivated few who pilot mining vessels through the turbulent depths of element-rich asteroid fields.

Brave the asteroids of Riga IV and collect resources left behind by mining drones. Use quick reflexes and a disruptor beam to protect your ship, and traktorpaks to save your cargo from flying rock.

Inspired by classics like Asteroids, Galaga, and Snake, Eleminer returns to the classic roots of arcade gaming, but with a twist: the further you progress through the game, the more vulnerable you become. Each pod you collect extends your tail further into the asteroid field; pair careful maneuvering with tactical greed to make it through eight zones of increasing chaos.

Important note about installation on Mac:

Due to OSX's Gatekeeper, you'll have to right-click the installed application the first time to run it, and click 'Open' on the dialog asking if you're sure you want to open. More info here; I plan to properly sign future versions of Eleminer (see Gold? below).


  • Hot spaceship-on-asteroid action
  • Classic arcade gameplay
  • That deep, deep space feeling
  • Morphing level bounds
  • Original soundtrack and vector art
  • Global scoreboards

Technical thingies:

  • Best played with any gamepad (e.g. Xbox 360)
  • ...works with keyboard, too
  • Mac OSX / Windows
  • Preferred screen resolution of 1920x1080
  • ...but you can play it on smaller/larger screens too


Eleminer is currently in Beta, which means there are more improvements to come. Ultimately, I'd like to launch on Steam and other platforms (Android/iPad tablets?), but wanted to get feedback from the itch.io community first. Please share your thoughts, critiques, and bug reports!


Some features I'm targeting for a Gold (or just incremental) release include:

  • Releases on other platforms (purchase of the Beta will entitle you to a Steam key once they're available)
  • Properly sign application to satisfy OSX Gatekeeper
  • Continues and unlimited play
  • Watercolor graphics enhancements from cover artist Susan Lin
  • More upgrades, including single/timed-use, Mario Kart-style items, like Disruptor Cloak, Traktor Burst, Shock Pulse and Tail Jettison
  • Level tuning refinements to improve gameplay


Some Windows users with older versions of Adobe AIR already installed have reported that the installer fails. If this happens, please uninstall Adobe AIR via Add/Remove Programs, then run the Eleminer installer again.


Game design and art: Eric Socolofsky (@ericsoco)

Sound: Amar Ibrahim (@amaribrahim)

Cover art: Susan Lin (@bysusanlin)

Powered by Starling

Additional support: Zeh Fernando, TreeFortress


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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